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Elevate your innovation results through effective

Innovation Implementation

"I help Entrepreneurs and Startups turn ideas into innovations!" - Kevin Broadwater


Innovation allows business to be competitive in the constantly changing marketplace of today. The introduction of a new product, feature, process, service, or business model can make a company's offering more appealing to customers resulting in happier customers and better business performance.


When it comes to innovation, a great idea is just the starting point. The idea must be successfully transformed into something that delivers value to customers. It is the implementation process which will make-or-break the idea growing into something real, tangible, and appreciated by people. 


A successful innovation adds value for customers. Whether an innovation is for the consumer market or the B2B market, it should ultimately help people in some way. Real people with families, friends, challenges, needs, dreams, and more. We should strive to be helpful and add value for others.


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Hello! I'm Kevin, an Innovation Coach & Speaker. I help Entrepreneurs and Startups turn ideas into innovations! Please allow me to share a bit of my story and how I can help!

Early in my career, I was in technical sales for about seven years. I served product manufacturers throughout the Southeastern United States and Puerto Rico. One of the really nice aspects of my role was encouraging accomplished product suppliers to adopt innovative technology solutions to further improve their processes and products

After that, for many years I worked in team environments implementing software solutions for businesses from small to very large including some with well known household names. Technology moves fast. Therefore to produce the best products possible, I continuously adopted innovative tools along the way.

My professional experiences have lead me to fully appreciate the enormous benefits of Innovation. Innovation has the power to improve people's lives.


Talented individuals come about creative ideas through passive and active idea generation techniques. Entrepreneurs should use various methods to evaluate the commercial viability of an idea and strive to confirm the value the innovation will provide once implemented.


Great ideas are exciting and get the ball rolling. However, ideas are not enough. To achieve innovation success you must transform an idea into a tangible product or feature appreciated by customers

Innovating can require Entrepreneurs and Startups to make decisions related to Value Propositions, Revenue Models, Technology Selection, Emerging Technologies, Technology Implementation, User Experience (UX), Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Social Dynamics, Process, and more.


I've worked in the fast-moving Business & Technology world for many years! That includes developing products and helping customers adopt innovative solutions! I would add that I am continuously learning and adding to my knowledge so I can always be as helpful as possible.


Innovating is not easy and can be a curvy road as you navigate to find the right product-market fit. The good news is that it is possible to positively influence the journey and the results produced when innovating! Currently, I am only providing coaching and speaking services in the USA. Please use the form below to request a no charge 30 minute initial conversation!


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"The best way to predict the future is to create it."

Computer Scientist

Alan Kay




Three weeks of private coaching composed of a one hour video call each week and email support M-F. 

$ 1,499.00

(30 Minutes - USA Specific)
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Six weeks of private coaching composed of a one hour video call each week and email support M-F. 


(30 Minutes - USA Specific)
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Nine weeks of private coaching composed of a one hour video call each week and email support M-F. 


(30 Minutes - USA Specific)
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Don't Delay! All pricing is subject to change and custom packages may be available upon request!
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